• Sketches
  • Drawings
  • Details
  • Renderings

Stage 1 - Conceptual

We thoroughly explore the spatial and functional opportunities of the site and seek out the best possible solutions. We discuss the brief in a series of meetings and develop the proposals through a rigorous process of drawing and evaluation. By the end of this stage, we will be sure that the client is completely happy with the defined core of the project.

Stage 2 – Planning

We will devise a strategy for achieving Planning and Listed Building Consent, submit the documents, liaise with the local authority and oversee the applications process to completion.

Stage 3 – Working Drawings

We assemble the project team, draw up a budget and programme and then proceed to a full architectural and interior drawings package and specification. As leader of the design team, we incorporate all the information from consultants into our drawings package ­ this is the only way to guarantee the perfect end product. We discuss every detail of the project with the client.

Stage 4 – Tender Stage

We can recommend appropriate contractors, subcontractors and specialists to cover all aspects of the project and organise either a formal or negotiated tender process to suit the client¹s needs.

Stage 5 – Construction

We maintain a regular site presence to ensure that the project is executed exactly according to our design. On the contractual side we inspect the quality of the work and materials, and monitor site progress. We are devoted to ensuring the highest standards of materials and workmanship.